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Best Bidet Seats for Health

A bidet is one of the best ways to keep your body feeling fresh throughout the day, but it also has many health benefits. Keeping your personal hygiene in check is only one of many positive side effects from cleaning up after you potty. You can also prevent the spread of disease and avoid potential infections and sores that can occur as a result of uncleanliness "down there." Advancements in bidet seats technology, like the new have made them more attractive, convenient and effective than ever.

Bidet Built Into a Toilet Seat

You may wish to have a standalone bidet, but having one built into a toilet seat is now possible and is an option that is working well for many. This is a great selection for those who have limited space in their bathroom and many not have the square footage available to have both a toilet and a bidet. Some homeowners opt to install a separate bidet and toilet in the master bath while putting bidet seats in the smaller bathrooms throughout the home.

Features of Bidet Toilet Seats that Support Health and Well-Being

In general, bidets have been proven to reduce the discomfort and health issues that can occur as a result of bathroom usage. However, your health and your well-being go hand-in-hand. In fact, studies have shown that people who feel healthy, clean and happy are less likely to run into as many health problems.

Creature comforts such as warmth can make the experience of using the restroom and cleaning up a much more natural and enjoyable experience. Many individuals have reported "cold" as one of the things they fear most about sitting down to use the toilet.

Some of the features you can find in bidet toilet seats include: never ending warm water, heated seat, settings for each user, LED lights, air dryer, adjustable water pressure, adjustable water temperature, aluminum nozzles, splash guard, soft closing lid, dual nozzles, LCD remotes, aerated water, child mode, enema, and even an optional LCD remote.

Splash Guard Feature

A splash guard can prevent germs from spreading in your bathroom. This is one of the features that helps to ensure that you are healthy and ensures the same for those who share your facility. Another advantage of the splash guard is that it keeps your body and clothing from getting soaked while using the toilet or bidet.

Enema Feature

The enema feature allows you to do more than just clean externally. An enema allows you to ensure regularity and prevent constipation. Many bidets have this feature and it is one that may not be expected by those who are new to the modern era of bidet seats. An enema is excellent for your physical health.