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Could real estate values be sent to a sick bed by a bird flu epidemic? No one will know until or if it happens, but even a small epidemic could cause a panic.

Right now the news media is reporting the daily spread of bird flu in countries that are an ocean away. The disease has jumped from birds to animals and even to a few humans. Most of the infected people have died.

Eggs could be selling for $10 dollars each... if you can find one. Any business having anything to do with fowl will be out of luck.

Tens of thousands of people could be thrown out of work. That will certainly have a ripple effect on real estate. People out of work can't buy homes, pay rent or keep up with mortgage payments.

If a bird flu epidemic proves to be as severe as some predict we could see hundreds of thousands of people dead or at least very seriously ill. That can't be good for the economy or real estate.

Fear could cause thousands of people to flee cities as they try to avoid being infected. There could be a lawless panic like we have never seen in the history of the U.S.